The Moyer Foundation


The Moyer Foundation - (a public, 501 c 3 organization) with offices in Seattle, WA, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was founded in 2000 by World Series champion, Major League All-Star pitcher, Jamie Moyer and his wife, Karen. The Foundation's mission is to empower children in distress by providing education and support--helping them to live healthy and inspired lives. With the community's support, The Moyer Foundation creates and funds programs to give chidlren the tools, skills, and resources to overcome lifes greatest challenges. P1020751.JPGIn 2011, The Moyer Foundtion expanded its operations in Seattle to include a Philadelphia location--helping to grow the Foundations national reach and fulfill its mission of reaching more children in need.  

Camp Erin:
Created and funded by The Moyer Foundation, Camp Erin is a FREE bereavement camp for children and teens ages 6-17 who are grieving the death of someone close to them. As the largest network of bereavement camps in the country, Camp Erin serves more than 2,500 children annually--over 8,000 children to date.  
images.jpgCamp Mariposa: Created and funded by The Moyer Foundation, Camp Mariposa is a FREE, first of its kind program for children ages 9-12 living with an addicted or co-dependent family member. Camp Mariposa is having a profound impact on children affected by substance abuse--helping to educate and empower the next generation to break the cycle of addiction in their families. 

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